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Will Newbegin

Macungie, PA
Environmental Studies/Science and Environmental Writing Majors, Data Science and Statistics Minors

I joined the TRAC program in the fall of 2018 as a sophomore growing increasingly anxious about my place at Lehigh and my abilities as a student. I had struggled in college until that point, but the TRAC program helped me turn things around. Our conversations about learning in the introductory TRAC seminar soon turned into practices that made my college career -- both in and out of the classroom -- more fulfilling, substantial, and rewarding. Our program's work in building relationships across Lehigh's three academic colleges has made me feel more in touch with this university, and has taught me to think from perspectives that I had never before considered. Understanding other's perspectives has strengthened my confidence in my own, too. Thanks to TRAC, I've carried forth as a confident and willing learner, excited to share in the joys of studying at Lehigh.