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Patrick Powers

Courses TRAC'ed: 
HIST 090 and BIOS 042


What does TRAC mean to you?

Writing is a crucial skill that many college students overlook. Students fail to realize that communicating effectively through writing will play an important role in their future careers no matter what path they choose. The TRAC program at Lehigh University aims to enhance students writing abilities through an open one on one peer relationship. We bridge the gap between a professor and their students. The program was established to not only to help students but also the curriculums that teach them. TRAC embodies the notion that writing transverses every major and its fellows exemplify this masterfully. A TRAC Fellow from any major has the ability to help students in any course because writing is a universal language. I am a Senior History major and Business minor from Larchmont, New York. I enjoy playing sports and traveling the globe. I have the proud distinction of being the first Lehigh student to do two study abroad programs in one summer. The ability to write cohesively has been extremely beneficial throughout all my experiences, whether it was in or out of school.