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Julie Ellis

Arkport, NY
Political Science / History; Secondary Education Masters
Courses TRAC'ed: 
PHIL 125 - Social and Political Philosophy, BIOS 042, ANTH/GS 320, and HIST 351

Interesting internships, activities, hobbies, or experiences:

Orientation Leader, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Community Service Office, Epitome Yearbook

What does TRAC mean to you?

The TRAC Program teaches fellows how to communicate: how to speak through the written word and how to help peers do the same. These two components of the TRAC program will be immensely valuable to me, both at my time at Lehigh and beyond. I am a political science and secondary education studen, so it is essential that I write well. Not only will the TRAC program develop me into a better student and prepare me for success in a career, it also places me in a Lehigh community dedicated to helping my peers do so as well.