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Jason Pollack

Long Island, NY
English major with a minor in Economics
Courses TRAC'ed: 
BUS001, BUS005, SOC001

What does TRAC mean to you?

What’s great about peer learning is that it goes both ways. I can confidently say that all the different perspectives and personalities that I’ve encountered as a TRAC fellow has played a huge role in my own growth as a student and a person. My only mission is to be able to help effectuate this change- that mental click- in the students I meet with. I treat each conference as an opportunity to develop a professional and personal connection with my fellow students, which is really what college is all about.

Other interesting information:

I was never into math in high school, but Professor Larry Taylor in the Econ department changed all that for me. He showed me the beauty behind Statistics- behind making an argument, not with words like I was used to, but with numbers. I never would have registered for that first statistical methods class if I wasn't required to, but I quickly learned how much I enjoyed the discipline and how much I appreciated the diversity in my studies. So I signed up for his Econometrics class the very next semester. I opened my mind, explored something totally out of my comfort-zone, and surprised myself in the process. All this just goes to show you how far our teachers, tutors and coaches can go in our personal development and our future. Thanks Larry!