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Hadley Webster

Berwyn, PA
International Relations and Economics Majors, Entrepreneurship Minor

I am currently a sophomore pursuing a joint major in International Relations and Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am from Berwyn, Pennsylvania which is just a short hour and 10 minutes away from Lehigh. As this is my first semester as a fellow, the only class I have TRAC'd is the one I am currently working on, which is SOC 001. Being a TRAC fellow has had an immense impact on my life, both inside and outside of my academic life. Not only have I been able to help students throughout their writing process, I have also learned more about myself and my own writing process through my interactions with students and other fellows. The program is truly mutually beneficial; as much as it exists to help students, it also helps each and every fellow. I am so thankful for the incredible people and practices that TRAC has introduced me to!