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Caroline Heitmiller

Semesters in TRAC: 
Courses TRAC'ed: 
ECE 081, BIOS 042, IE 441, BIOS 042, BUS 001, BIOS 042

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What does TRAC mean to you?

As a science major, it is rare to find writing assignments in most of my classes and I very much look forward to working with professors to change that. Writing is essential in every aspect of life, and to be given the privilege to help others improve that skill is an amazing opportunity. It is a common misconception that writing is not needed in certain fields, but in actuality it is very important. If a scientist is unable to convey their meaning in a paper, others might not realize what they are trying to accomplish. As a STEM major I am unique in that I love to write and critique work (a rare combination of interests). In high school, one of my humanities teachers gave me the best gift I could've asked for, he taught me how to write well. His returned papers were filled of helpful comments and he sat with me to discuss each and every one in depth. Now I hope to give students that same gift as a TRAC fellow.