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Carlie Skellington

Semesters in TRAC: 
Courses TRAC'ed: 
EES 100, PSYCH 210

Interesting internships, activities, hobbies, or experiences:


What does TRAC mean to you?

Having taken a course that utilizes TRAC Fellows, I am aware of the great impact that TRAC Fellows can have, particularly in regards to facilitating the organizational process of writing. Not only did my TRAC Fellow critique my piece based on the effectiveness and accuracy of my chosen words and syntax, but she also facilitated critical thought by posing extension questions and analyzing the meaning. Now selected as a future TRAC Fellow, I can offer the same words of advice to my peers—to enhance their writing pieces, as well as to think critically, evaluate and improve upon my own writing skills along the way. What excites me most about becoming a TRAC Fellow, however, is that I can share the value of writing with scholars from all academia by showing them just how important the skill of writing is in any field. I feel so honored to contribute to the peer-to-peer educational system at Lehigh and to portray the values of our university as a TRAC Writing Fellow.