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Ashley Scheffler

Orefield, PA
Journalism / English Literature / Communications
Courses TRAC'ed: 
HIST / HMS / STS 197

Interesting internships, activities, hobbies, or experiences: 

The Brown and White, VP Equestrian Team, Orientation Leader

What does TRAC mean to you?

As a Journalism major, and someone who has always wanted to be a writer, writing has always been a major part of my life. The writing I do for my courses in Journalism and English varies quite a bit which has helped me develop my writing skills so I may adapt to different writing styles. The TRAC Writing Fellows program is an inventive way to improve the writing skills of other Lehigh students. The peer-to-peer approach not only enhances the writer’s assignment but helps that student grow and become a better writer for their future courses and ultimately a career.