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Ana-Iulia Alexandrescu

Bucharest, Romania
IBE - Information and Systems Engineering / Applied Mathematics
Courses TRAC'ed: 
MAT 218, MAT 203 - Materials Structures at Nanoscale, ACCT 315 - Financial Accounting I, ENGR 211 (IPD), and POLS 295

Interesting internships, activities, hobbies, or experiences:

I get paid to give high school students chocolate for solving difficult math and logic problems.

What does TRAC mean to you?

My favorite moment in TRAC (so far) happened a few days ago, at the end of one of our information sessions. One of my students from the first class I TRAC’ed came to me and told me that the advice I gave her on the lab reports for that class were the best advice she had gotten on a piece of technical writing she had produced. She told me she still thinks in that mindset, the TRAC mindset, and she applies it to all her writing. One can’t help but be deeply touched when something like this happens, and I definitely felt that through TRAC I’ve achieved something meaningful: one engineer started writing better papers and now wants to become a Fellow and help other engineers write better papers. TRAC is expanding, sustainably rather than exponentially and following this trend, Lehigh is going to develop a culture of high-quality writing where students across all majors and colleges will become better communicators and ultimately, better scholars.