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Allison Prosswimmer

Flemington, NJ
History / Business / Spanish
Courses TRAC'ed: 
MAT 101 - Professional Development, HIST 358, REL 111 - Jewish Scripture and Testament, and ENGR 211 (IPD)

Interesting internships, activities, hobbies, or experiences:

Admissions Fellow, Leadership Lehigh, Association of Student Alumni, Alpha Omicron Pi, Martindale Student Associate (traveled to Turkey in May of 2009 and am writing an article to be published about Maternal and Child Health in Turkey)

What does TRAC mean to you?

I have enjoyed my experience in the TRAC program immensely. Not only have I helped students understand their writing processes, but this program has helped me with my own writing process. I have learned the importance of effective research, use of technology, and communication (both with my peers and superiors). TRAC is all about collaboration. Collaboration occurs between Fellow and student, Fellow and professor, Fellow and librarians/instructional technologists, student and the LTS staff, and students themselves. Every moment of success I've had as a TRAC Fellow has stemmed directly from collaboration; it's the key to the program's success. In my opinion, the best part of being a TRAC Fellow is when I help students reach a "lightbulb moment" in which they realize what they want to say or how they can communicate their ideas more effectively. All the hard work we do manifests itself in these moments and it's all worth it. The conversations Fellows have with students truly serve as catalysts for students considering their writing, research, and communication processes. In thinking and talking about how a student will approach an assignment, he or she changes his or her thinking about the writing process. This positive change stays with the student and makes him or her a better communicator and writer in the future.