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Alison Jaworski

Dunellen, NJ
Biochemistry / Spanish
Courses TRAC'ed: 
ME 121 - Mechanical Engineering Lab II, PYSCH 210 - Experimental Psych Lab, and ENGR 211 (IPD)

Interesting internships, activities, hobbies, or experiences:

Biochemistry Research, Ski Team, Hiking/Running/Camping


What does TRAC mean to you?

When I first became a TRAC fellow, I set out to improve the writing of my peers at Lehigh, to make them more comfortable and confident writers. While this remains a high goal, I have expanded my interest to tackle the writing culture at Lehigh. My focus is on heightening the interest level in writing and improving the manner in which students and faculty approach writing. During conferencing, I am not only able to correct mistakes and help the paper, I am able to speak - as a peer - about the importance of writing in students' lives and careers. In the middle of my third semester fellowing more technical courses, for example, I've found ample opportunity to stress the connection between writing and engineering - something that is crucial to success in these fields. I hope that, as a result, students will take a more active role in improving their writing that will continue throughout their college career and beyond.