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TRAC Application 2022


Welcome to the TRAC Application web page. The application has three parts. Please follow these directions carefully to make certain
 that your application is complete because partial applications will not be considered.


1.  Complete the online form (link below). All text boxes with asterisks must be completed. NOTE: The standard application requirement of two faculty references
 and two peer references is waived for nominated candidates. Therefore, be sure to check the appropriate box  in the application form (link below) and, if you have not been nominated, 
supply the names and e-mail addresses of two faculty members and two peers who can attest to your qualifications for a TRAC Fellowship.

2.  Upload your application document. At the end of the application form (link below), upload your application document, which must have two main components: (1) Your personal statement/letter of interest in the TRAC Fellowship and (2) your writing sample, which includes two writing assignments you have completed for courses at Lehigh. Be sure to combine your letter and writing
 samples into one document to be uploaded at the link provided at the end of the application form (link below).


 Personal Statement/letter of interest. Read about the TRAC Writing Fellows program on the program website (URL below) and reflect on your own skills, interests, and educational goals. Then write a letter that explains your interest in the program. Your letter should address these questions:

  •  Specifically, why are you attracted to the program?
  •  How does the program correspond with your skills and talents, educational goals and interests?
  • Why do you think you would be a good TRAC Writing Fellow?


 Writing Samples. Include two writing assignments that you have completed for courses at Lehigh. If that is not possible in your particular case, you can use any two writing samples that best demonstrate your skills as a writer.  


Be sure to combine your letter and writing
 samples into one document to be uploaded at the link provided at the end of the application form (link below).


3.  Unofficial Transcript. As part of your application, log in to Banner via and download a copy of your unnofficial transcript as a PDF. A link will be provided when you click on the link below to submit your application.


All application materials (including the transcript) must be received by Monday, April 4, 2022 at 4:00pm.



Interviews. Promising candidates will be interviewed as a key component of the selection process. Interviews will be begin during the week of Monday, April 18th.  They will be held virtually through Zoom technology. Candidates will receive more information about the interviews when they are contacted for scheduling. Decisions will be made in the week after all interviews are completed.


The TRAC Writing Fellows website and the TRAC Program Information Page.
Questions? Contact Dr. Greg Skutches at or at 484-716-6950



Submit your application and transcript now.