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Program Information for Faculty

Benefits of Working with TRAC Writing Fellows

A direct result of the TRAC Fellows Program will be improvement in the quality of student writing. Faculty who value good writing will enjoy reading better student work without having to devote precious time to the teaching of writing. In the TRAC Fellows Program, faculty will also have a valuable resource for helping students with assignments that require library and database research. TRAC Fellows will also be trained in assisting faculty with integrating “write-to-learn” activities that enhance student engagement with course content. Additionally, as part of the Lehigh Lab, the fellows will work together with LTS instructional technologists to provide assistance in making the best and most appropriate use of new educational technologies. Ultimately, faculty will benefit from interaction with students in their courses who are increasingly engaged, knowledgeable, and communicative.

How to Request TRAC Writing Fellows for your Courses

Requests for TRAC Writing Fellows for Fall 2016 courses will be accepted in April.  Please check back soon!

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty who work with TRAC Fellows for the first time are asked to participate in a workshop over the semester break. The date, time, and place will be based on the scheduling preferences of participating faculty.

To facilitate a robust revision process, faculty who work with TRAC Fellows must agree to require submission of working drafts of all writing assignments to the TRAC Fellow two weeks in advance of final due dates. This time will allow the fellows to provide students with written feedback on their drafts and hold individual conferences to help students produce their best work and improve as writers on the process.

Nominate Students for the Program

The TRAC Fellows Program owes much of its success to the helpful support of Lehigh faculty. Each spring semester, we recruit a new class of Fellows, and you can help us grow by nominating your best student-writers to become TRAC Writing Fellows.

Who are your students who have shown special abilities in writing, oral communication, leadership, organization, and reliability? Please consider nominating them for the TRAC Writing Fellows Program during the spring recruiting season!

Questions? Contact Greg Skutches at or call ext 8-4932.