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Meet the Mentor Fellows

IBE - Bioengineering
Semesters in TRAC:
Since the TRAC Writing Fellows Program first began in the fall of 2008, it has always relied on its TRAC Fellows to collectively direct, lead, and foster the growth of the program.  What was initially a small group of just 15 Fellows has grown to more than 50 Fellows, with as many as 30 new members entering the program each year.  With this much larger number of TRAC Fellows, particularly new members, the TRAC Program has looked to its most enthusiastic and experienced Fellows to take a greater leadership and administrative role in the program separate from the normal responsibilities of TRAC Fellows.  Called “Mentor Fellows,” these Fellows provide not only leadership to the program as a whole, but also a wealth of experience and expertise from their time as TRAC Fellows.  Mentor Fellows work with a portion of TRAC Fellows to help ensure they have the necessary resources and support in working with their assigned course, its students, and its faculty.  The leadership and efforts of the Mentor Fellows in their work with TRAC Fellows have become an essential element of the program, and in maintaining the same high level of quality that the Lehigh community has come to expect when working with the TRAC Program.
At present, the TRAC Program employs a total of four Mentor Fellows.  In order to become a Mentor Fellow, a TRAC Fellow must have at least two years of experience fellowing in courses, have exceptionally strong leadership and interpersonal skills, and demonstrate a clear passion for the program.