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Interested in Becoming a TRAC Fellow?

How to Apply

The TRAC Writing Fellows Program is open to all undergraduate students from all academic majors who have at least one year remaining at Lehigh.

To apply:

  1. Visit the online TRAC Application form
  2. Read the instructions and supply all requested information
  3. Upload a single document with (1) a personal statement / letter of interest and (2) two writing samples from work completed at Lehigh
  4. Supply two peer references and two Lehigh faculty references*
  5. Review and submit your completed online TRAC Application form
  6. Request an official transcript to be sent from the Registrar to Dr. Greg Skutches

All application materials (including the transcript) for Spring 2021 must be received by Monday, April 5th, 2021

Partial applications will not be eligible for consideration.

*NOTE: Applicants who have been nominated by Lehigh faculty or current TRAC Fellows are exempt from supplying peer and faculty reference requirements. All other applicants must supply two peer and two faculty references.

You may direct any questions you may have to Dr. Greg Skutches at


  • Open to all undergraduate students with at least one year remaining at Lehigh.
  • Strong record of academic achievement. (3.2 GPA is recommended)
  • Exceptional skills in writing, reading, interpersonal communication, leadership, and time management.

What Being a Fellow Entails

TRAC Fellows serve as peer writing tutors who read and respond with written feedback to drafts of student work-in-progress, hold individual and small-group draft conferences, and act as resources for students conducting research and using instructional technologies. Each Fellow works with no more than 15-20 students. Large classes therefore require more than one fellow. Fellows do not grade student papers, nor do they play any other role in determining grades. Fellows consult with faculty on the use of new instructional technologies, assignment design, and effective use of writing-to-learn activities. All new Fellows enroll in TRAC 100The TRAC Fellows Seminar as a requirement accepting a fellowship. This 4-credit seminar explores fundamental theories and practice of pedagogy in three areas: (1) writing and communication; (2) library and database research; and (3) use of instructional technology. Fellows also must attend regularly scheduled staff meetings and workshops, and participate in program assessment activities.

Rewards of Being a Fellow

There are many rewards for entering this select and talented group of students. The experience of collaborating as peer tutors in partnership with university faculty develops skills in writing, teaching, collaboration, communication, interpersonal relations, and leadership. Additionally, working closely with professors, both within and outside their own disciplines, provides a rare opportunity for fellows to broaden their academic experience and reinforce disciplinary knowledge and skills. TRAC Fellows are paid a stipend on a semester basis, paid monthly.

Attend an Information Session

If you're interested in applying but want to know more, attend one of our information sessions. There you can learn more about the TRAC Writing Fellows Program from the Writing Across the Curriculum director, Dr. Greg Skutches, and hear from current TRAC Fellows about their work and experiences in the program. There are two opportunities each spring to attend an information session. The information session schedule for the Spring 2017 semester is:

Wednesday, March 28th at 12:10 PM in Neville Hall 001.

Thursday, March 29th at 4:10 PM in Sinclair Auditorium

If you plan on attending an information session, please register here.